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Discover our Amazing Extras
We have carefully sourced a range of sustainable products from like-minded brands that share a similar ethos to Positive Bakes. From dairy free chocolate to ethical coffee, all our hand selected products are plant based, gluten free and dairy free and are of incredible quality. They make a great addition to our bake range and will definitely jazz up your cake or brownie delivery!

So, you’ve found our amazing extras - yay! Hopefully you’ve had chance to browse our collection and take a look at all of our wonderful brand collaborations. From pure, vegan chocolate to natural, ethical candles, we hope you have found the perfect addition to your dairy free cake order. All of our brand partners operate sustainably to help us make sure that you can build a fantastic eco-friendly gift, whether it’s a treat for yourself or someone you love.Wondering what to pair our amazing extras with? We would recommend heading over to our Best Sellers page where you can see for yourselves what our customers are loving at the moment!
Fancy something chocolatey? Try our Iconic Rainbow Brownie for a rich, gluten free chocolate brownie topped with luxurious vegan crushed meringues and swirls of dairy-free chocolate. With sprinkles of freeze-dried pistachio, blueberry & raspberry, strawberry, orange, mango & pineapple, this decadent bake is a brilliant alternative to a birthday cake delivery!
Not so much of a chocolate fan? Sounds like our Cake & Scones Box may be the one for you. This selection of vegan and gluten free cakes is a fab afternoon treat. With a selection of flavours there is something for everyone here, making sure that all your guests are well looked after! Especially with your choice of plain or fruit scones that are also vegan and gluten free!
Maybe you want an ethical gift set that is already put together? Our range of Christmas Gifts offers just that! Our eco-friendly gift sets include vegan and gluten free cakes and goodies, paired with some of our favourite amazing extras from sustainable brand partners. And if you have left your Christmas shopping a tad late this year then not to worry. We offer next working day delivery if you place your order before 2:30pm - phew, panic over!


Our bakery is situated on Leicester Food Park, a purpose built BRC grade site within a gated community. Our modern building has a low impact on the environment and allows us to focus all our efforts on making great products using minimal ingredients.




Our Sustainability Commitment

Being sustainable and ethical is not a box ticking or a marketing exercise, it's a belief system that runs through everything we do. From the ground up we have designed Positive Bakes to make the difference.