Positive Rewards FAQs


What is your reward scheme?

Our reward scheme gives you the chance to collect Positive Points and use them to redeem exclusive discounts and more!

How do I join your reward scheme?

Its really easy and instant. Just click the link and enter your email and start collecting points!

What are the benefits of getting points?

As you build up points you will become eligible for exclusive discounts and offers.

How do I get points?

There are lots of ways to earn points! You can earn points by sharing us on social media, placing orders with us, subscribing to our newsletters, referring friends and more!

How do I earn points through social media?

You can earn points by liking, following and sharing us on social media. You will automatically be awarded points when you click on the option to engage with our social channels on the ENGAGE MORE card of your customer panel.

How does your referral scheme work?

We reward you for referring friends and family to our brand! When they make a purchase with us through your referral link, we will reward you with 50,000 points!

How do I make a referral?

Through your account you can refer friends and family through social media, or through a unique URL. All you need to do is send them the link and let them do the rest!

Where do I check my points balance?

You can check your points balance in the loyality section of your Positive Bakes account.

How do I redeem my points?

To redeem your points you will need to log in to your account. If you have enough points available to redeem, there will be a redeem option under the all rewards section.

By clicking redeem, you will be taken to a page that shows a discount code. You can Apply code which will automatically apply that discount code to the checkout.

I made an order but haven't received any points. What's happening?

Your Positive Points are usually added to your account automatically. If you feel something has been missed please drop us a line at and let us know so we can help you.

When will my points expire?

They won’t! We’ve added no expiry on your points so you know that they’ll always be there for whenever you want to continue shopping with us.


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