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We are a small, independent family-run business, on a mission to create sustainable cake of the future.

We aim to be as sustainable as possible throughout this journey, ensuring that our ingredients are ethical, and our packaging is environmentally friendly.

As well as being both sustainable and delicious, all of our bakes are available for next working day delivery which makes them perfect for last minute gifts!


We love collaborating with like-minded, brands to offer a range of gift sets which are perfect for celebrations such as birthdays, anniversaries, or "just because"!

In addition, we are always working hard to develop new recipes so we can continue to bring you delicious, ethical cakes directly to your door.

Our Brand Partners
Throughout our online store you will find carefully sourced, ethical products, courtesy of our brand partners. From dairy free chocolate to vegan candles, our brand partners provide products that pair perfectly with our gluten free and vegan cake and brownie boxes. Our eco-friendly promise extends to our amazing extras, with all our brand partners being sustainable in all that they do. Whether this involves sourcing environmentally friendly ingredients, or using plastic free, biodegradable packaging, we are all helping to protect our planet little by little.
What we look for
With sustainability at the heart of everything we do, it’s incredibly important to us that our brand partners think the way we do. We’re looking for partners that are environmentally friendly and passionate about what they do, just like us. Do you think your product would make a wonderful addition to our online collection? Or maybe you want to collaborate in a different way? Big or small, we want to see what you have to offer!
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Our bakery is situated on Leicester Food Park, a purpose built BRC grade site within a gated community. Our modern building has a low impact on the environment and allows us to focus all our efforts on making great products using minimal ingredients.




Our Sustainability Commitment

Being sustainable and ethical is not a box ticking or a marketing exercise, it's a belief system that runs through everything we do. From the ground up we have designed Positive Bakes to make the difference.