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Being sustainable and ethical is not a box ticking or a marketing exercise, it's a belief system that runs through everything we do. From the ground up we have designed Positive Bakes to make the difference.

Naturally there are limitations and compromises that we have had to make however we will continue to evolve as technology and the supply chain improves and push our company to be at the forefront of sustainability.

Wholesale cakes, brownies, blondies, flapjacks and more!

Are you a business in the UK looking for great quality, eco-friendly, vegan and gluten-free wholesale cakes? You've come to the right place. We produce a variety of products in many different flavours, with UK-wide delivery available!


From classics like carrot cake and dark chocolate brownies; to creative combinations like our ginger & mango cake and pink berry rose cake - all skilfully made by hand by our artisan bakers, waiting to be added to your menu!

A Vegan and Gluten-Free Supplier You Can Trust

We offer a wide range of cakes and brownies that are all vegan, gluten free, dairy free, soya free, palm oil free and non-GMO.


Our delicious products are made by artisans in our gluten-free bakery: we don't allow any gluten whatsoever into our kitchen, so there's no risk of cross-contamination!


By choosing Positive Bakes as your supplier of vegan and GF cakes, brownies, scones and flapjacks, you'll be able to relax, knowing that all of the scrummy bakes you'll be selling are completely gluten-free!


So, you can rest assured knowing that your customers are getting cakes they can trust. From the classics, to our creative combination of flavours, of all our perfectly sized bakes there is something for everyone! Our bakes are carefully crafted in our dedicated allergen-friendly bakery before being frozen and shipped straight to you.

Sustainable Wholesale Cakes

As part of our mission to create sustainable cake of the future, your wholesale bakes are produced and packed by us in the most environmentally-friendly way possible.


The ingredients used in our bakes are plant-based, and have been carefully sourced from suppliers who work ethically, and who's ingredients are traceable. As well as this, the packaging we use to get your goodies to you is 100% compostable!


All of our bakes can be frozen and used when you need them; a handy way to minimise waste! Each tray bake gives you 12 single cakes or brownies, so, if you don't need all of them out in one day, just pop the ones you don't need in the freezer! 

A Much-Loved Range

We may only be a small business, but we have a big impact.


Our customers love our loaf cakes, flapjacks, brownies and other products. But it's not just those with intolerances and food allergies that love our bakes. We receive orders and many positive reviews from people with no food intolerances at all!  

Wholesale Cake Delivery

Get next day delivery on your cakes, flapjacks, browies, blondies and other items. Check the stock of the item you'd like to order, add your items to your online cart and just make sure to order before 2:30pm Monday-Thursday!


Our delivery days are Tuesday-Friday, and we offer a premium delivery service on Saturdays. For orders over £50, you wont need to pay a fee to have the items delivered (UK orders only). For orders under £50, there is a £3.95 fee to get your wholesale bakes delivered to you.

Like What You Hear?

Our bakes are loved across our Positive Bakes community and we're eager to expand this community to include strong, mutually beneficial relationships with wonderful stockists: just like you!


We love to work with cafes, delis and other businesses who share the same mind-set as ourselves. So, if this sounds like your business, register below to become a wholesale partner.

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Using only plant-based ingredients has a significant impact on reducing the Co2 emissions generated from more conventional dairy-based products.


The ingredients we use are not the cheapest, they come from certified sources, many being organic and are all completely traceable.


Our entire range is better for the environment, does not use any animal products and doesn't cost the earth. In short, everyone wins.


Like many food producers, we found packaging to be a challenging area at first. The tendency for far too long has been to use plastic trays and plastic wraps, simply for their affordability. This is not acceptable and is an attitude that must change rapidly.


Our solution to minimise plastic packaging and our impact on the environment is to offer our range in larger sizes, so you can order less often and keep your bakes frozen - minimising; packaging, cost, shipping and food waste.

After an extensive search, we found a bespoke, food grade wrap that is 100% compostable and 100% biodegradable.


This wrap is completely plant based and far better for the environment than a typical BPA-free plastic wrap which ends up in landfill and adds to the problem.

We love our cardboard boxes, they transport well, store well and are 100% compostable.

Our Carbon Footprint

We have worked hard to reduce our carbon footprint at every opportunity and will continue to implement positive change in our processes to benefit the environment.

Our entire product range is plant based which is more sustainable and better for the planet, however that is not enough for us.

Our modern production facility combined with efficient production equipment has a low environmental impact. Our locally sourced and UK manufactured packaging and choosing to work with a carbon neutral courier company ensures all aspects of what we do has a minimal impact on our planet.