Our Top Garden Party Ideas for Father’s Day

Our Top Garden Party Ideas for Father’s Day

Posted by Amelia on 18th Jun 2021

Father’s Day is coming up soon and we’re sure that many of you will be planning a Father’s Day celebration!

We’re here to share with you our top ideas for throwing your dad a fun-filled Father’s Day garden party, so read on if you’d like to find out more!


We had a little look around and located some balloons that are biodegradable! So, when you’re all done with them, you can throw them straight onto your compost heap. They also break-down safely on landfill sites, so can be thrown away into your normal bin disposal – clever right? Liven up the atmosphere outside by tying them to the backs of chairs or wherever else they might stick! Click here to check them out.


If your dad is usually the one who cooks or operates the grill during BBQs, why not take the reins and let him sit back with a cold beverage? There are plenty of delicious recipes out there that are vegan, dairy free and gluten free. Why not have a look on the BBC Good Food site to get some inspiration on what to cook on your dad’s special day?

For dessert, you may want to treat everyone to one of our vegan, gluten-free cake or brownie boxes. With a variety of flavours to choose from, you can ensure that everyone is happy! Click here to browse our range.


Since Father’s Day is usually a family occasion, we thought you might like to try some fun games to add even more laughter and energy to your day! We've listed a couple of suggestions below that you can add to your agenda if you wish.


This game will test your family’s knowledge of each other. Spend some time creating a list of questions (you can also use a few of the ones below) and write them down - one sheet for each family member. One person should go at a time, reading each of the questions out while the rest of the family guess the answers. After each question, let your family know who was correct, and keep score on your sheet of paper. A list of suggested questions can be found on the Love to Know website here. We have selected a handful of their questions and listed them below to give you an idea of what you could include in your game:

1. What did I want to be when I grew up? 

2. What scared me when I was a kid? 

3. What is my favourite childhood memory?

4. What was my favourite book as a kid?

5. Which of my parents did I think was stricter?

At the end of the game, award a prize to whoever answered the most questions correctly!


Is your dad a footie fan? Put his skills to the test and see how many kick-ups he can do in one go, without dropping the ball. To jazz it up, you could challenge him to do a certain amount in one go, or even within a set time - for example, 50 kick-ups in 30 seconds. If you feel your skills are up to scratch why not go head-to-head with him and see who can do the most?

May the best man win!


If your dad fancies himself as a bit of a baker, or if you’d just like to treat him to a new experience, why not gift him with one of our cake, brownie or blondie baking kits? All of the ingredients are provided, along with steps on how to bake. And the great thing is, they're all vegan and gluten-free! Click here to have a look.


Why not finish off your dad’s special day with a film in the comfort of your own garden? There are a few different outdoor cinema companies that you can hire from here in the UK, one of those being 'The Canvas Co.'. Depending on what package you decide go for, they will provide the; projector, screen, sound system and even seating! We'd recommend that you shop around a little first though, as there are few different companies to choose from, each with their own prices and packages.

This option is definitely on the pricey side, so you might want to invest in a projector and screen which you can use on multiple occasions. Whichever option you decide to go with, this is the time to get dad’s favourite film on, curl up under a blanket, and enjoy an evening in with your nearest and dearest.


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