We made the news!

Posted by Aatin Anadkat on 1st Dec 2020

It’s been a hectic few months! It’s fair to say that adjusting to a completely new way of life and adapting our business as a result, as well as running our NHS campaign, has kept us extremely busy! We want to start by firstly thanking all our wonderful customers for supporting us and being alongside us on our journey to create sustainable cake of the future. We would also like to share some amazing news that we received…

The Independent featured us as one of the top 10 independent businesses to support during lockdown!

As a small, hard-working, family business we are extremely proud to have been recognised in this way. It is a genuine honour for us to be spoken about alongside some amazing small businesses and we are just so happy with the prospect that this will lead to us being able to provide you with the best cake we can! We hope that this sets the precedent for the positive future of cake that we are passionate about creating.

If you are interested in reading what The Independent had to say about us, as well as hearing about our fellow independent businesses out there, please give the article a read!

Read more here

As a final note, we would like to say one more huge thank you and remind you that our NHS campaign mentioned in the article is running until the 30th June, so the opportunity is still there to treat our NHS to cake.


Our bakery is situated on Leicester Food Park, a purpose built BRC grade site within a gated community. Our modern building has a low impact on the environment and allows us to focus all our efforts on making great products using minimal ingredients.




Our Sustainability Commitment

Being sustainable and ethical is not a box ticking or a marketing exercise, it's a belief system that runs through everything we do. From the ground up we have designed Positive Bakes to make the difference.