Our Bakery

An Allergen Friendly Kitchen
that you can trust

When we set out our vision, it was important that we control our own production and processes from start to finish.

As a leading, sustainable, allergen friendly producer outsourcing our production just didn't give us the control we want over how our cakes are made. We don't want the risk of cross contamination from an external factor beyond our control.

Our bakery is situated on Leicester Food Park, a purpose built BRC grade site within a gated community. Our modern building has a low impact on the environment and allows us to focus all our efforts on making great products using minimal ingredients.

Our Processes

Our strict processes, controls and commitment to making quality, allergen friendly cakes from scratch allows us tremendous control over our finished products and gives us the confidence to know exactly what is in our range. We have worked hard at every step from finding the right suppliers all the way through to you receiving your order and made sure every step is sustainable, traceable and done in a positive way.

Our entire team are committed to producing quality products that taste amazing, are allergen friendly and free from. We understand this is a serious commitment and ultimately one that allows you to have your cake and eat it.

Our Supply Chain

Our supply chain is the starting point to what we want to achieve and to be 100% traceable and transparent.

We buy the best raw ingredients we can afford and ensure what we use is sustainable for the planet.

Our raw ingredients are all certified and tested, many being organic and are all completely traceable. It is vitally important to us that we only allow ingredients into our kitchen that pose no risk of cross contamination. Therefore we have the confidence and the assurance that our products only contain what is supposed to be in them.

We take our raw ingredients and then make from scratch all we require. We control each process to ensure we are producing cakes of fantastic quality that we are proud to put our name on.

“I ordered a pack of 6 assorted mini loaves for my Dad who is lactose intolerant and he said they were all absolutely delicious. He particularly liked the mango and ginger one! They arrived quickly, I received confirmation email and was kept up to date by email. The cakes and packing arrived in excellent condition. I've already recommended Positive Bakes to several people and we only received the cakes 2 days ago!! we will definitely be back for more!!!”

Laura, Facebook

“These are DIFFERENT! Chewy, moist and amazing cocoa flavour with a touch of sharpness from the raspberry - genius and beautiful! Can be posted with ease anywhere in the UK! Perfectly packaged in their #ecofriendly packaging! It’s beautiful and tasty ! You would never know it hasn’t got any refined sugar or the above! Tastes better than ANY supermarket or high street cafe brownies.”

Sunita, Instagram

“This was my first order I saw this on FB and I am wheat, gluten and dairy free, so thought I would give it a try. Well the cakes are delicious and I got the fruit scones which are also superb The delivery was very quick and I will certainly be ordering again as there is not much really out there for us with allergies. Absolutely gorgeous and thank you xXx”

Stella, Facebook